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4 Jul 2016

Watch out for the sun

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Attleborough based LC Training and Consultancy wants everyone to prepare for hotter weather ….in the hope that we may get some summer. The fact that it has been so miserable of late may result in some of us not considering the chances of heat exhaustion because we have let our guard down.  Our sun protection, still collecting dust in the cupboard, is far from our minds when we step out to enjoy the sunshine.

Heat exhaustion can develop quickly and become heat stroke if untreated / unrecognised.

Signs of heat exhaustion can include: Weakness, tired, dizzy, faint, heavy sweating, fast pulse, extreme thirst and headache. If left untreated can develop into confusion and disorientation and worse still loss of consciousness.

If this occurs lie down in the shade or cool place and remove unnecessary clothing to allow the skin to cool. Use water or fan the skin to speed up the cooling process. Take / Encourage fluid intake. Recovery usually takes around 30 minutes.

If the person faints place them in the recovery position.

So take care and be prepared. Take plenty of fluids and keep as cool as possible. Spend some time in the shade and make sure you do not burn (apply sun protection regularly).

Look after yourselves.